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Last weekend in August

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The purpose of "Mollerodsdagarna" is not to

glorify violence or war!

'Mollerodsdagarna' is a non political event which do not support nor co-operate with any political organizations or parties. We do not support any organizations who make use of  historical military themes to promote a political agenda and we do not co-operate or have any connections to organizations who reflect any political coloured military units.

We condemn the crimes and  outrages against humanity which criminal regimes like the Nazis, the Soviet Union etc. are guilty of in the past.The arranger of this event resist all forms of racism, anti Semitism, violence against fellow-beings, non democratic views and discriminative actions.  

With respect to those people who are victims to war crime and totalitarian regimes no one who do not accept the above view will be allowed to take part in the event 'Mollerodsdagarna'.

Due to the pandemic the event is cancelled! Welcome! Cancelled!